Free BG and SBLC Without Upfront Fee?

Hello everyone, hope you guys are doing great. Today I will be talking about Free Bank Guarantee and SBLC.

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I am writing this article because everyday many people contact us from different parts of the world asking us to issue free bank guarantee or SBLC to them before they will pay. To them they believe it is possible to fold your hands in the comfort of your home, you send letter to a provider, the provider issues you a BG or SBLC free of charge without you spending any money from your pocket, no risk, collateral or commitment??? NO BANK will do that for free!

I will be blunt and upfront because as they say, a bitter truth is better than a sweet lie. There is no free bank guarantee or free SBLC anywhere in the world. Banks do not work for free. Before any bank will issue BG/SBLC to your bank account you must first pay the swift transmission fee upfront. Its like telling an airline to carry you without first purchasing a plane ticket. Of course you know its not possible. You have to first buy an airline ticket before you could fly. Okay if you do not believe me just go to your local airline and tell the airline i need you to fly me across the country for free and when i get to my destination i will pay you then! See how many plane rides you will get. NONE..

FREE Bank Guarantees and free SBLC are not a reality, they are a fairy tale being spread by ignorant brokers and uninformed customers. There is no free money anywhere in the world. It costs money to make money. You have more chance of buying a lottery ticket and winning the lottery than ever completing a BG Deal for free. At least with the lottery ticket you paid the money to receive the chance.

The Sad Reality is this industry is filled with people that believe the fairy tale that Bank Guarantees and Standby Letter of Credit can be obtained with NO MONEY UPFRONT. The fact and SIMPLE TRUTH is they can’t! You get what you pay for, pay nothing, get nothing. Its the most fundamental economic principle.

It is very sad and unfortunate that many people believe the free BG cum SBLC fairy tale that they waste all their time, trolling all over the internet looking for free bank instruments that DOES NOT EXIST in the first place. Many people dont like the truth, they prefer cheap lies that is why they are easily deceived by scammers. If you are not greedy you can never be scammed. The most annoying people are those with zero bank balance, they have no money at all, but they contact us daily requesting for Multi BILLION DOLLARS BG or SBLC. Our inbox is filled with such senseless request. Some even request for TRILLION DOLLARS BG. I dont know how some people reason. Tell the how much it costs to close a 50 Billion dollar BG or SBLC transaction and they will run away because they think they will get it for nothing, this is main reason many are scammed daily. We have a special blog post about this but let me make it clear that it is better and advisable to start small. Start with few million dollars, after that is completed you can then talk about Billions or Trillions. Common sense is not common after all.

Yes we know it is risky to pay upfront fee because of trust issues but that is the main reason why you must do this kind of business with a genuine company with reputation. Just make sure that the company is real and legally registered. No genuine company will steal your money and run away. it is only scammers that do that. Genuine companies like YIU FUNG FINANCE COMPANY LIMITED   耀豐財務有限公司 have a good reputation and name to protect. Our good name is more important to us than all the money in the world.  CLICK HERE to read The TOP 14 REASONS WHY YIU FUNG FINANCE COMPANY LIMITED SHOULD BE NUMBER ONE CHOICE FOR YOU!

FOR YOUR INFORMATION: Yiu Fung Finance Company Ltd is a Licensed Money Lender that was incorporated in Hong Kong on March 28, 1980 under  the  Money  Lenders  Ordinance  (Chapter  163  of  the laws of Hong Kong), with Registration Number: 0080313.

If free Bank Guarantees were a reality. There wont be any poor man in the world today. Infact Every homeless person in the world today would be doing free BG deals everyday.


  1. You have to pay the bank swift transmission cost upfront before the issuing bank will send swifts to your bank.
  2. Banks do not work for free, without payment of the swift transmission fee no deal will be done. If you pay nothing you get nothing.
  3. Most people are scared of paying upfront expenses because they are afraid of loosing their money. However, the simple truth is that no bank or provider will change their company policy because of you.
  4. You should just make sure that you are dealing with a real and genuine company. Check
  5. Check how many years this company has been in the industry, the older the better. History and good reputation is very important.
  6. If possible please avoid newly registered companies because their reputation is low or known. Choose a company that has been in the industry for a long time.
  7. Always insist in doing business with companies that has been tested and trusted. For example, YIU FUNG FINANCE COMPANY LIMITED has been in this industry since 38 years, so we are tested and trusted. If we are not real and genuine we cannot be operating for 38 years, it’s just not possible.


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